Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Yes Yes Yes Pt. 2

(better quality track here)

From the solo tracks he's given us recently, you can tell Big Boi has been waiting to put out this upcoming record for two years. Not only is each song meticulously crafted, Big Boi being one of few emcees who admits to writing his verses down, but they are intense. He clearly wants to show us what he can do.

In my opinion, however, what makes this song unique amongst the four terrific tracks that we've gotten our hands on already is its effortless changes of mood. It starts with "Hail to the Chief" style fanfare only to immediately knock us on our feet with an accusatory sneer ("try another route paper boy"), periodically bringing the fanfare back just to let us catch our breath. As if that wasn't enough, the track ends with an ominous spoken word verse, transforming the same sample from exaltation and accusation to partially ironic terror. I'm very excited for this album to come out.

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