Friday, June 4, 2010


I am almost guaranteed to like any song that makes a good racket; I'm also almost guaranteed to like any song with rolling synths: this track already has a lot going for it. Drumma Boy is a guy I'm going to have to look out for in the future. To put the icing on the cake, Gucci's monotonous drone spreads out comfortably on top of all the bassy and bloopy shit going on underneath...just like the icing on a cake; at least a weird, unpredictable, moving garbage cake. Now I don't know who Rick Ross is outside of this track, but here, his delivery turns the drone up about ten percent, just the right amount. Their last combined verse at 2:19 is one of the best collections of sounds I have heard in a while, gathering momentum as it comes down with each beat until its bouncy rubber band wheeze overflows all over the next. Good work guys.

This video, however, is probably the saddest excuse for a video I have ever seen. Whatever.

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