Friday, June 18, 2010

Kung Fu Shoes

Apparently I have started a trend among my acquaintances here at home of wearing kung fu shoes. When I originally found out about them way back when through Put This On, I just thought they looked cool. And they do. But now I know they're a pretty terrific warm weather shoe for the summer, easily and comfortably worn without socks. They are also a inexpensive alternative to other canvas shoes that one would wear these days (Chucks, Purcells, Vans etc.), a ridiculously cheap 15 dollars compared to their ever rising 50 or 60. Don't expect them to last very long: I've had mine for about seven months and they're already dying, but fifteen bucks for a summer of sweet shoes is a good deal. Also, James Murphy (and Orlando Bloom apparently) wears them because they're good for his back.

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