Wednesday, June 23, 2010


I just watched this really interesting documentary about the Pixies' 2004 reunion tour. If you have Netflix you can watch it online. What's really interesting about it is that it conveys the fact that these are mindblowingly normal people. In an early scene, right after their first show, Kim Deal talks about how shocked she was when the audience went nuts. Are you kidding me, Kim? Do you know who you are? Its very encouraging that people who create such good music can be so clueless. Throughout the entire movie, Kim comes off as basically the least self-aware child you've ever met. I don't think she takes a shower during the entire tour. David the drummer is a creepy weirdo. Frank Black is the most banal fat nerdy guy, going to band photos wearing basketball shorts. The only well adjusted guy is Joe the lead guitarist, but it doesn't seem like he really cares. My dad has Led Zeppelin concert DVDs that I used to watch all the time in high school. They have a very clear grasp on who they are and what's happening. Here it seems like the audience knows more about the band than the band is willing to know or is capable of knowing about itself.

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