Monday, June 21, 2010


Kate Bush - Wuthering Heights

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Why isn't this song another "Total Eclipse of the Heart"? TEOTH is a wonderful song, but there's something about "Wuthering Heights" that reminds me of David Bowie, in the sense that it doesn't sound all that abnormal, with its glass-shattering vocalist, melodramatic piano and string production, and monstrous snare hits; and yet its very clear that it is somehow setting itself apart. Is it that never ending chorus? Is it the elfish edges of Kate's voice? Is it the harpsichord? I just don't know. Its great nevertheless. Not a fan of the book though.

PS: Big Boi is apparently a huge Kate Bush fan.

Update: I've just discovered that I've been listening to a later, rerecorded version of this song. Here is the original:

It's a much more affected version, but also a little more nuanced. The chorus is so lovely. I don't know which I like better. Oh well.

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