Wednesday, August 18, 2010


For most late career artists, an album with a concept like this would be a bad sign. Making a record almost solely with the human voice somehow reeks of both fan service and overextension almost as much as a triple album loosely based on the Armenian genocide. But not so with Bjork. First of all, this album shows actual development, rather than blind exploration. Clear yet subtle influences from friend Aphex Twin pop up all over, as well as more beatboxing than a Timberlake/Timbaland collaboration. Most importantly, however, these are still Bjork songs, and all show her ability to create songs that are somehow both classic and undeniably foreign, even with these slightly-out-of-her-wheelhouse additions. And in the end this is why she doesn't fall victim to the common pitfalls of artistic excess: she never lets fancy experimentation cover her own voice, vocal or otherwise.

Björk - Oceania
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