Sunday, August 8, 2010

Mecca and the Soul Brother

Once upon a time, MC CL Smooth and his friend now mega-producer Pete Rock teamed up and created probably one of the most comfortable hip-hop records ever, Mecca and the Soul Brother. I say comfortable not because the music isn't heavy hitting or focused, but because the record exudes nothing if not the impression that both artists know exactly what they are doing, and are really having a good time doing it. Which is why its even more surprising that this album is so forward looking, the seeds of Illmatic and J Dilla, among others things, being very apparent. This is an oft over looked classic, the apotheosis of so-called "Jazz Hip-Hop" in my opinion. Please listen.

Oh and also, suck it The Low End Theory. Ok, don't suck it but this album is better than you.

A couple of selections:

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