Saturday, August 21, 2010

The Crystals

Shit, can you imagine this blowing out of your AM radio in 1963? We live in a pop future so effected by Crystals producer Phil Spector that it takes quite a while to realize, but instruments just don't sound like this. Those looking for the unique and weird in popular music may feel that 60's girl groups are the last place to look, but these songs are deeply strange. Where else do cavernous studios reverberate rapid fire clavas and timpanis? Where else do drum kits built like tanks back up the most bubblegum piano lines and haunted staccato choruses about delinquent boyfriends? Where else can maracas (or whatever those are) carry the solemn weight of human emotion on their tiny shoulders with near apocalyptic urgency? Nowhere, that's where. Too bad Phil Spector murdered someone recently.

And check out this even more terrifying re-recording of "Then He Kissed Me". Ahhh:

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