Sunday, March 20, 2011

Everybody is blogging about the Chris Brown's staccato-rap track "Look at Me Now" but I'm finding "Deuces" much more compelling. The track shows all contributors showing a lot of restraint, which in R & B is harder to come by than in other genres. Brown allows the slight turns of his verse to drive it forward as opposed to show-offy acrobatics. Tyga, who probably has the best verse, portions his verse into single equally sized statements, using the most defined portions of the verse for emphasis. Also, I hate to be this person, but it sounds like Tyga been listening to a lot of Lil B. Lastly, Kevin McCall caps it off with the most aggressive verse, and he even makes a good DJ Drama joke. All in all, pretty good. Too bad that I came to this like 8 months late.

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