Saturday, July 3, 2010

Dane Cook and Marc Maron

Marc Maron's What the Fuck podcast began as a vehicle for him to express his personality. He would talk to other comedians about the experiences they have had together and how their other experiences have been like his. It has now developed, however, into almost a bi-weekly psychoanalysis of comedians that he brings on the program. He has become an expert at hiding his intentions in an interview format: he can circle a guest like nobody's business, asking the most revealing and personal questions while it sounds like he's talking about what he ate for breakfast.

This interview he does with Dane Cook is phenomenal (it begins at minute 14). Like everyone my age, I started out loving Dane Cook in high school, thinking he was the shit. More recently, I became jaded about his popularity and decided that he was a terrible comedian who used cheap and trite tactics to get laughs. In truth he is very much somewhere in between. By the end of his interview with Marc, he comes off pretty well, as a complicated guy attempting to appreciate the great life he has while really feeling quite miserable about it. Marc slowing peals his guard off like the layers of an onion, causing him to eventually contradict himself quite a bit. He doesn't come off as a liar, but rather just a guy trying to make the most of who he is, being both fueled and destroyed by negative energy. Pretty great.

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