Friday, July 23, 2010


Ok, so this song comes from probably the most indie-derivative album I've heard in a while. I hear traces of Noah Lennox and the Animal Collective, Isaac Brock, Neutral MilkHotel, theShins,BelleandSebastianbleaaeeeeeeh. We could continue but really, whats the use? No amount of deconstruction will make this track any less enjoyable. While derivation can often lead a listener to find inspiration lacking where influence is abundant, it can also point to a simple love of sound. These "kids" aren't trying to create anything new, their love of this musical style just makes them want to immerse themselves in it, to give birth to more. Entire subcultures of middle-agers revolve around communities of blues, jazz, and folk musicians who have no intention of creating anything new. Indie rock just might be the next step. But the more to hear, the more to love I say. Go for it guys.

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